Cindy A. Anderson

Cindy Anderson

Art to Stir the Imagination

My intent is to create work that invites the viewer to think, to imagine, or to invent their own narrative.  I want the viewer to make them his or her own!  An apple, to me, may symbolize wholesomeness and health, where you may see Eve dooming us all to exile. Who is correct? I may have painted the image but the meaning behind the symbol is always open to interpretation, mine no more valid than yours.

So Play! Invent! Enjoy!

Whats next?

I feel I've been going at top speed getting ready for the Halloween season for the last two months and now its screeched to an end. Whew! So whats next?

In early December the McRae Art Studios has its holiday open house. If you have never attended one of our open houses you're in for a treat! We actually clean up the place :-) and hang our artwork from floor to ceiling. Over the two evening event thousands of art lovers stream through enjoying the visuals, socializing & buying great locally made art! Its a big party and everyone is invited! The dates this year are Friday, December 13, 6-9pm & Saturday, December 14, 4-9pm. You can sign up for the e-mailing list at the McRae web site or follow us on Facebook.

So the next month will be devoted to adding more art to Etsy and website, and cleaning up my really messy studio while creating more work (two apposing forces...making art creates mess!). Wish me luck!


Cindy at the Holiday Open House 2012

My studio's outside wall at the 2012 McRae Open house

My studio's outside wall at the 2012 McRae Open house

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