Cindy A. Anderson

Cindy Anderson

Art to Stir the Imagination

My intent is to create work that invites the viewer to think, to imagine, or to invent their own narrative.  I want the viewer to make them his or her own!  An apple, to me, may symbolize wholesomeness and health, where you may see Eve dooming us all to exile. Who is correct? I may have painted the image but the meaning behind the symbol is always open to interpretation, mine no more valid than yours.

So Play! Invent! Enjoy!

The End of 2018

Lots of Chages afoot! McRae Art Studios, (an artist collective of 20+ artists) where I’ve had my studio for the last 20 years , had to move! Now that may sound easy, no big deal but, it wasnt easy at all! That falling apart, drafty, old warehouse was my home away from home for 18 years and I had accumulated 18 years worth of stuff. (confession time, Im a bit of a Hoarder ;-) )

We found a new home in Orlando and the new digs are clean, well lit and AIR CONDITIONED. But Im sad to say, a bit smaller. Well, time to give up my hoarding ways I suppose, (confession #2 Im trying…its all in storage actually)

After two years of being in the new studio Ive finally gotten back in the groove and feel its my second home again. Funny that it took me so long, guess I’m not a big fan of Change.

So you should check it out at ! Its a cool place with some great artists (if I do say so myself). If you want to visit you should contact someone first, we all have own hours so you’ll need to make an apointment.

First two photos are the old place in Winter Park. The second two are of the new studio in Orlando. and we’re on FB too.


Still here and working!

 I guess I'm not the greatest at this blogging thing. But I am still working,...I'm always working!  

 There's another open house at McRae art studios coming up in November! Here is the invite! I'm the poster child! Everyone's invited.


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