Cindy A. Anderson

Cindy Anderson

Art to Stir the Imagination

My intent is to create work that invites the viewer to think, to imagine, or to invent their own narrative.  I want the viewer to make them his or her own!  An apple, to me, may symbolize wholesomeness and health, where you may see Eve dooming us all to exile. Who is correct? I may have painted the image but the meaning behind the symbol is always open to interpretation, mine no more valid than yours.

So Play! Invent! Enjoy!

Welcome & this weekend


Hi! Welcome to my new site! It's still under construction and I still have much to add. At least with my dear friend Gena's help it has at least an example or two of the many things I paint.

I'm going to be showing in a horror movie convention this weekend in Orlando.  If your interested check it out at 

Peace !  




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